Tribes is the culmination of three years of work, inspired by a need to rebuild families throughout the world. Hendelman’s vision was to heal our broken societies through art, to reunite the universal family using chisel and stone. Just as early man scratched his image onto the stone walls, thereby ensuring his continuing existence, she creates a new bond for us, a vision of man and woman and child strengthened and renewed. Using the most unforgiving of materials, Hendelman has succeeded in forging a universal truth.



The highly praised protégé of renowned sculptor Chaim Gross who once called her gift “unique”, native New Yorker and artist Wendy Hendelman grew up surrounded by art. Studying under the great teachers José de Creeft and Andrea Grassi, and having held residence at Italy’s famed Pietrasanta, her work was most recently profiled by Anthony Haden-Guest and has shown in galleries worldwide.



The Tribes collection is the cornerstone of a multifaceted philanthropic program to benefit children in underserved communities both domestically and across the globe. The program leverages the power of social media, editorial coverage, celebrity endorsements and local community outreach to celebrate family in its most inclusive sense. 


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